How to Modify Your Blog Content to Increase Traffic


Every blogger has been there: you love what you’re blogging about, but you worry that you aren’t getting enough visitors to your blog.

If you’re passionate about your blog, you know that giving it up isn’t an option.

But if you want to be able to spend more time working on your blog and making it viable, then you’ll be forced to increase traffic to your site.

You could spend hours reading about ways to make your blog more popular — so in this post, we’re going to look specifically at how to modify blog content to make it more relatable for readers.

Write Reviews

One of the best ways to get more visitors to your blog every day is to write content that answers the questions they’re already asking.

If you, like most bloggers, blog about a niche topic, then you become somewhat of an expert on that topic.

You become someone that other people can turn to when they’re looking for advice.

Tap into this potential by reviewing your favorite and least favorite products that relate to your blog topic.

For instance, if you write about pet care, you could review the best rat cages or the most durable dog toys.

When you do this, you’re providing content that is useful to readers — content that they’re already looking for online.

And, by establishing expertise, you can earn yourself repeat visitors who will come back again and again for your sage advice.

Make your topics crossover

If your blog topic is niche, that means you compete for readers with fewer other blogs.

It also means that your pool of potential readers is small.

Expand that pool slightly by writing some blog posts that crossover with other niche topics in a tasteful, genuine way.

If you blog about fitness, then cross that topic over with dog care topics by blogging about ways to incorporate your dog into your fitness routine.

With crossover topics, your blog can reach a larger number of viewers.

This will also help to keep your blog topics fresh so that your writing doesn’t stagnate or become predictable.

Repost and reference back to other blogs

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that other bloggers are your competition.

Instead, tap into the community that can come through blogging and online readership, and leverage other blogs’ readers to boost your blog views.

As often as possible, befriend your fellow bloggers by supporting their work — repost the pieces that resonated with you, and link back to their writing whenever it’s relevant to your blog.

As you continue to build your online network, you’ll find that other bloggers will return the reposting favor, and you’ll begin to see readers trickling in from your neighboring blogs.

You can build your readership without stealing readers, and both your blog and your competitors’ blogs will do better for it.

The Bottom Line?

In addition to interacting with your fellow bloggers, don’t forget to interact with your readers.

As long as you feel comfortable with it, enable comments on your blog posts, and respond to as many as is possible and healthy for you.

Also, allow readers to write into you, and interact with the particularly thought-provoking responses by reposting then on your blog and analyzing or responding to the reader.

By modifying the content of your blog, you can build up a more diverse and stable readership, and increase traffic without sacrificing your blog’s integrity.