WordPress Hosting: Honest Guide to Launching Your First Website Real Quick

WordPress Hosting: Honest Guide to Launching Your First Website Real Quick

These days, businesses without an online presence, whether in the form of e-commerce, social media, websites or all hardly ever supercharge their customer base or net revenue.

They can’t counter defamation plots, their outreach campaigns hit the skids, and competitors outgrow them real fast. And so on.


Most customers overindulge online comparing prices, operational hours and purchasing products and services within their regions.

Zero online presence,therefore, results in missing out on massive unexplored markets worth thousands or millions of dollars

The sad part?

Your competitors with a rich online presence, are hitting it big, tapping into these online markets, doubling their sales and skyrocketing their gross revenue.

So, failure to inaugurate solid online presence cut short business your growth– making it as good as dead!

Would you rather sit and watch your competitors outgrow you or join and beat them in their own game? Food for thought!

Upon deciding to kick off your website to blog/post your journals/diaries for fun or money, you’ll host (site) and purchase a domain for exposure.

I’ll take you through simple steps for building one from scratch using the best web hosting and domain services.

Let’s dive in!

Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Third Party Sites

You’ve seen ads countless times in YouTube encouraging you to kick off blogs using platforms like Wix, TypePad, Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress.

Depending on how simple or complex you want your site to look, they offer free and fee-based plans attractive and tempting to first-timers.

Adding journals, diaries or blog posts using the free plans is fun.

But don’t ever spend a penny if venturing into a lucrative online business earning part-time income or replacing your full-time job.

Most don’t save on Cash– They’ll hook you up with free offers with less to offer. When starting, I used the free WordPress hosting plan with limited website design options, and since I was a “newbie,” I posted questions on Quora inquiring how to integrate themes in the free plan. It was impossible! Their upgrades were neither expensive nor cheap, but there were other formidable alternatives to such website builders.
They claim they’re easier to use, that’s not the case– Many first-timers fall for this. They’re attractive to most web users’, no lie. But unless you’re a savvy designer, you’ll take ages setting up your business site– relying on trial and error learning and implementing new techniques.
Restrictive practices– Website builders require several customizations limiting business growth in terms of functionality, web design options, and file accessibility.

3 Key Factors Worth Looking for in a Web Host Company

Uptime Reliability

You’ve seen something like,” 100% network uptime guarantee” by web servers, right?

Your site won’t be 100% efficient, but it’ll be close to that.

You’ll, therefore, be compensated with hosting credits whenever it crashes temporarily.

Adopt uptime tracking tools like uptime robot to get insights on whether to continue using the web host or not.

Customer Support

Non-techies need effective customer support the most when their sites crash.

Say your site is hacked, slow or is experiencing minor technical issues, then the longer it stays out, the more you and your customers are affected.

Remember, they need stellar services, and if you can’t provide it, they’ll move to the next business.

The outcome?

Your site’s reputation will be damaged, subject to increased bounce rates, and experience a drastic drop in net revenue.

This is why effective server support comes in handy, and the best ones even have full backs ups to restore your site if worse turns to worst.

So, first, check the reliability of the support before investing in a web host company. If customers claim they’re shitty, run!

Speed is Key

Fast sites rank better and help to maximize ROI. It’s also critical to SEO. A 50% difference in page load time (very huge) is enough to separate good and bad web hosting companies.

So, how do you get a fast web hosting service?

Honestly, there’s no easy way to compare web hosting speed since their measuring variables aren’t constant.

The best way to probably determine their speed is through recommendations from trusted sources or trying out a given company.

Additionally, beware that some bloggers will trap and blindly sign you up on certain web hosting companies to earn affiliate commissions, especially those aggressively advocating for HostGator and Bluehost.

That said, stick to the following practices.
Run away from shared hosting– This entails sharing web servers with multiple sites, often thousands or even millions. It makes sites slow, prone to spam attacks causing Google penalization. Use dedicated hosting (the best) or VPS (sometimes shared but is far much better)
You’re given what you pay for – You can’t run away from hosting fees. So, if you’re tight on budget, opt for cheap hosting, something like $3.95 per month. That’s fine but don’t expect stellar services from it. In short, you get exactly what you pay for! Upgrade your subscription plans if you want a site with higher efficiency.

The Best Cost-Effective WordPress Host

Here’s the best cost-effective WordPress host.


SiteGround is the best, and I use it to host several sites that I run. I’ll happily recommend it to anyone seeking an efficient budget-friendly hosting service.

Excellent customer support– I didn’t know how to integrate my domain to my site. I contacted SiteGround, and in less than five minutes, one of their support sparked off our conversation. I relayed my issues and received concise and detailed instructions to follow to sort it out. Fortunately, they also have the option of referring technical issues to the senior support staff, that is, the ones beyond their juniors’ understanding level or those not handled properly.
They are WordPress optimized– I Use WordPress, and it runs faster on SiteGround.
They offer more for less factoring in quality and price– There are several cheaper hosting, but you won’t get one matching the services offered by SiteGround.
They offer free SSL and free CDN– You’ll get an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and instant free Cloudflare’s CDN setup.

Don’t stress yourself by getting a dedicated server or VPS if your site receives 100,000 visitors or less monthly.

Just grab a cheap shared hosting. Keep it simple. Expensive things are complicated and come with several frustrations.

And in case you want to make your life more miserable as a beginner, then try optimizing a dedicated server.

Nonetheless, there are other good companies with unique approaches.

So, what are these other Good WordPress alternatives to SiteGround?

Wp Engine

The Wp Engine has an outstanding reputation for site hosting and support and is ten times expensive than SiteGround.

Wp Engine is good for sites receiving more than 100,00 unique visitors since they withstand unlimited traffic. They also have excellent customer support at your beck and call.

So, don’t make the grand mistake of opting for cheap hosting services if your business website nets significant amounts.

Instead, go for Wp Engine used and recommended by Big blogs; it’s worth the extra cost.

My advice?

As earlier mentioned, go with SiteGround if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a cost-friendly host. They offer more than you pay for. On the other hand, if your budget is large, then WP Engine best fits your situation.

Time to Choose a Perfect Name

Pat yourself on the back for selecting a credible web hosting service. Let’s now focus on choosing a perfect name resonating with your business, one that will help build firm authority in your niche.

You can use the two methods below to select one, remember there’s no perfect domain name.

Get More Creative

Think deeply to come up with something creative. Doing so is easy. In fact, you’ll land on the best domain names when you creatively play around with your words.

Hint: Don’t go for domain names with hyphens even if such suggestions pop up.

Next, select a domain registrar, (I’ll talk more about this) then check whether the domain names you’ve come up with are available then click the purchase option. You’re good to go!

Use a Tool

Tools spark creativity in domain creation. We have free ones and other fee-based ones offering premium services for better domain names. They’re different but provide the same services.

Enter your preferred keyword.  The tool generators will come up with powerful combinations forming a domain. They even make your work easier by highlighting sold domains.

Here are the best tools:
NameMesh– Spark creativity in your domain name through NameMesh. As it suggests, it strives to mesh words together. Tick the hide registered button then check for available domains
Panabee– Panabee works the same like NameMesh but can give awesome suggestions not highlighted by NameMesh. Domains with blue hearts are available for purchase. Seemingly, you’ll find several petty names and at least one or two outstanding ones making good domain names.

Congratulations on picking a better domain name for your site!

I promised to touch on domain registrars earlier. Well, they’re sites meant for purchasing domains. The most rated ones include:
• Namecheap
• Name.com
• Land1.com
Wondering the best among them all? Apparently, they’re all good and work the same way regardless of choice.


Online presence fosters business growth through SERPs and referrals from shareable links without which, online dominance efforts plummets terribly.

Businesses without it are rarely discovered, reach limited markets and generate meager revenue.

You now have everything you need to kick off your website.

Be patient; creating a credible online presence takes time. And building a website isn’t easy; you’re bound to struggle in your first few steps into it.

So, the trick is learning then implementing. Make use of free resources on YouTube and blogs or ask experts.

In case your stranded, or you have any questions then feel free to post it on the comment section below.

I’ll gladly answer them all.

Cheers and good luck!


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